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My name is LaKesha (Pender) Petty.  I am the founder of Pamper Me Nursery Child Development Center. (PMN CDC) Pamper Me Nursery CDC was established in August of 2010 and began in my home as a home childcare facility.  Caring for children and providing quality childcare for families is a personal dream come true for me!


It is an even greater joy to have the privilege of serving the East Lake Community. East Lake holds a special place for me and my family because it is the place where I grew up, and it is the place where I continue to reside today.  I can remember my brothers and I participating in little league sports at East Lake Park.  I was a cheerleader (East Lake Cowboys), and my brothers played football!



Recently, in 2017 my parents decided to partner with me to assist with expanding and growing Pamper Me Nursery CDC.  We are super excited to establish our first commercial location in the East Lake Community!  It is our desire to create a socioeconomic childcare center where children can learn, and play in a safe environment, while at the same time receiving healthy meals, and snacks.

Pamper Me Nursery exist to provide quality childcare!  Our desire is to do this for years to come!

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